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Here are some useful resources to get you started on your English learning journey.

The English Vocabulary Builder Series

These vocabulary learning sets were first created at the request of a Hong Kong education materials website, but now find their home on the US Teacher materials site, Teachers Pay Teachers. They are also used in ESL lessons at various partner centers.

Instead of having to blindly memorize long lists of new words, students can learn words in context the fun way. All three sets feature original stories with new words underlined. Students, parents and teachers can then use the followup exercises to supplement learning. These materials are useful for children, students taking the SSAT, and English as a Second Language (ESL) learners. They were inspired by a series of classic English novels accompanied by vocabulary highlights and exercises, much like this one.

If the test of a good, useful product is user purchases and feedback, here’s what some teachers have to say 🙂 :

Check out the preview images below, and if you like them, head on over to purchase the full versions at the Teachers Pay Teachers store here.

Free downloads – click the links below

English Vocab Builder Travel Cover small

Vocabulary Builder Travel preview and accompanying Quizlet sets

Vocab Builder Mystery

Vocabulary Builder Mystery preview and accompanying Quizlet sets

Vocab Builder Food

Vocabulary Builder Food preview

The GP Compendium

This book contains a master set of over 200 examples on more than 15 popular essay topic categories for the Singapore A Level General Paper exam. It started out as a large set of handouts for our students, then became so popular we decided to turn it into a book, even for students who don’t take our regular classes.

It retains its value so well that folks have even resold it on Carousell in Singapore (we think it’s worth more than $6, but thanks anyway, autumnleavesss).

Download a preview of the GP Compilation here.

Get in touch with us to purchase the full version or attend our regular lessons.

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