Successful Student GP Essays #2 – Choice (Philosophical)

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Next in the series of successful A Level General Paper model essays by our past students, we’re shifting gears and going slightly philosophical.

The Essay Question: 

Does the modern world offer us too many choices?

It’s usually a particular type of student who is keen on doing philosophical essays (and has the motivation to read up, reflect, and do a proper job). Philosophical essays can be dangerous if you don’t interpret them correctly!

With that said, not all philosophical questions are created equal, and some are broad and accessible enough for us to give them a go. They could serve as secondary options when your favourite topics don’t show up 😉

Before you have a look at the full sample essay here, do some brainstorming on your own to think about what ideas you would discuss. It would be useful to think about the choices we encounter in different areas of life…

  • Sure, online shopping and subject combinations are among them, but how about choices relating to things like careers, duty and sacrifice, and elected leadership?
  • What happens if we’re overwhelmed with too much information and can’t decide?
  • Is this scenario true for everyone today?

For inspiration, check out this classic TED talk…

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